Savvy Clinical Class Schedule

Receive targeted therapy and support

We have a number of group classes designed specifically for people who require different or specialised movement programs. Group classes are a great way to continue movement, build confidence, increase connections with peers, and maximise aged care package supports (instead of more expensive individualised supports).

SAVVY Clinical Classes

SAVVY Clinical classes are specifically designed for small groups, ensuring that each participant receives focused and individualised attention during their sessions. By keeping group size small, our experienced healthcare professionals can closely monitor and address the unique needs of each participant, providing targeted therapy and support.

Specialised Clinical Class Descriptions

All located at SAVVY WellCo, Fairy Meadow

Designed for people with cardiac history or high risk of cardiac events. Using aerobic and resistance exercises, safely challenge the body and heart to increase cardiorespiratory fitness and decrease cardiac risk factors.

Manage chronic conditions and injuries, improve mobility and strength and enhance overall physical function. Class is tailored to individuals’ needs and goals. Maximum 4 participants per class.

Targeted exercise in the management of Parkinson’s Disease, our circuit class is derived from PD warrior and modified to suit individual participants.

Community centred stroke recovery group focused in regaining function, fitness and strength. Class includes a variety of activities tailored to participants’ ability.

Follow your own prescribed program under the supervision of an Exercise Physiologist. Great for those wanting to build strength, but need guidance and support.

Clinical Classes for Seniors Class Descriptions

Various locations, outlined below

Gentle, adapted exercise class with a focus on maintaining and improving functional strength, coordination and balance.

Locations: SAVVY WellCo

Strength, mobility and balance exercises, combined with the buoyancy of water – the perfect environment for those who find land exercises difficult.

Location: McKeon Swim Centre, Unanderra (pool must be entered by steps)

Low impact class that uses a variety of seated and standing resistance exercises combined with breath work to improve overall strength, balance and fitness.

Location: SAVVY WellCo

SAVVY Clinical Classes Booking information

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