Exercise Physiology at SAVVY

Empowering you to move and feel better

Exercise Physiology at SAVVY is centred around understanding and utilising movement and physical activity as a method to promote, rehabilitate, and enhance overall well-being. Our exercise physiologists devise strength, fitness and exercise programs to help you achieve your health goals, with a keen focus on evidence based methods.

When would you need this therapy type?

If you are looking to manage a chronic condition, rehabilitate from an injury, improved performance, or simply want to improve your physical fitness, this therapy can be your stepping stone to a healthier life. It is especially helpful following a chronic health episode and can be used to help you make positive lifestyle and behaviour changes which will result in improved quality of life.

Why would you select SAVVY to deliver these therapies to you?

At SAVVY, our dedicated rehabilitation lab is designed with a focus on purpose and equipped with cutting-edge technology to enhance your therapy experience.  We have specialist equipment including VALD forcedecks to ensure scientific measurement of outcomes for optimal rehabilitation planning. Our equipment and lab design ensures all people can access our services, including LightGait and hoists, motomed, as well as resistance training modalities. SAVVY’s clients can enjoy access to heart rate monitors, body scanners and other fitness technologies that help them to track their progress and adjust their programs accordingly. SAVVY delivers exercise physiology services in our clinic, in the comfort of your home, within your community, or through TeleHealth.

What are the benefits of this therapy?

You can expect to see improvements in physical function and fitness, improved performance,  better management of chronic conditions, enhanced mood, and an improved overall quality of life.

How do you access this therapy at SAVVY?

Getting started with Exercise Physiology at SAVVY is as simple as booking an initial consultation appointment with our friendly team who will assess your condition and create an individualised treatment plan, designed in consultation with you, with your individual needs and goals in mind. Our exercise physiologist will assess your functional strength and fitness levels, understand your goals, and develop a tailored exercise program for you. This could include a mixture of strength training, cardiovascular exercises, and mobility and flexibility programs.


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