Physiotherapy at SAVVY

Empowering you to move and feel better

Physiotherapy at SAVVY encompasses a range of treatments and exercises aimed at aiding your recovery and optimising your peak physical function. Whether you’re recuperating from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or proactively addressing future health issues, our experienced physiotherapists are dedicated to providing expert guidance throughout your journey.

When would you need this therapy type?

You might seek physiotherapy for various reasons including musculoskeletal injury, sports injuries, workplace injuries, pain or discomfort, mobility issues, post-operative rehabilitation and recovery, management of arthritis, management of chronic health conditions, balance and coordination problems, falls prevention, or prevention and wellness. Physiotherapy is designed to assist you both in restoring mobility and function while also helping to prevent future injuries, improve performance and improve overall well-being.

Why would you select SAVVY to deliver these therapies to you?

At SAVVY, our dedicated rehabilitation lab is designed with a focus on purpose and equipped with cutting-edge technology to enhance your therapy experience.  We have specialist equipment including VALD forcedecks to ensure scientific measurement of outcomes for optimal rehabilitation planning. Our equipment and lab design ensures all people can access our services, including LightGait and hoists, motomed, as well as resistance training modalities. Savvy clinicians offer dry needling. Physiotherapy at SAVVY educates patients on healthy living and injury prevention, promoting overall well-being.  SAVVY delivers physiotherapy services in our clinic, but can also deliver services in the comfort of your home, within your community, or through TeleHealth.

What are the benefits of this therapy?

By engaging in physiotherapy, you can expect improved mobility, decreased pain, improved injury and post operative recovery and rehabilitation, enhanced strength, injury prevention, improved performance, improved lifestyle and overall well being, and improved, faster return to your daily activities and hobbies. You can better manage chronic health conditions. Physiotherapy can also help with respiratory conditions like asthma and COPD through exercises and airway management techniques.

How do you access this therapy at SAVVY?

Getting started with physiotherapy at SAVVY is as simple as booking an initial consultation appointment with our friendly team who will assess your condition and create an individualised treatment plan, designed in consultation with you, with your individual needs and goals in mind.


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