Specialised Clinical programs

Receive targeted therapy and support

SAVVY Clinical classes are specifically designed for small groups, ensuring that each participant receives focused and individualised attention during their sessions. By keeping group size small, our experienced healthcare professionals can closely monitor and address the unique needs of each participant, providing targeted therapy and support.

Discover our range of Clinical classes and programs

Cardiac Strength Program

Individuals with a heart history or those keen on minimising heart-related risks.

We curate a blend of gentle aerobic workouts and muscle-strengthening exercises that are both effective and safe. By progressively challenging your heart and body, we aim to enhance cardiovascular health.

Experience a noticeable boost in heart performance, increased stamina, and fortified defences against potential heart complications.

Stroke Recovery Group

Those on the path to recovery after a stroke.

Our group sessions focus on curated exercises designed to address the unique challenges faced post-stroke. The exercises are tailored to your individual abilities, encouraging steady progress.

Step by step, regain your strength, harness renewed confidence, and inch closer to a life of independence, all within a nurturing group setting.

Stroke: Upper Limb Intensive

Individuals recovering from a stroke and seeking specialised focus on their upper limbs.

Through an 8-week immersive program, we concentrate on exercises and techniques exclusively tailored for upper limb recovery. Our specialist approach ensures that every movement counts.

Experience renewed strength, flexibility, and function in your upper limbs. Reclaim the ability to perform daily tasks and enjoy an enhanced quality of life.

Stroke: Lower Limb Intensive

Those on the recovery path from a stroke, with an emphasis on lower limb rehabilitation.

An 8-week intensive journey that zeroes in on the challenges and needs of lower limb recovery post-stroke. Each session is crafted to progressively rebuild strength and mobility.

Rediscover stability, confidence, and ease of movement in your lower limbs, paving the way for increased independence and daily activity participation.

PD Movers Program

Individuals navigating the intricacies of Parkinson’s Disease.

Drawing inspiration from the established PD warrior approach, our exercise circuits are crafted to maximise mobility and vigour. Each session is adjusted to resonate with the individual, ensuring personal comfort.

Experience amplified motion, surge in self-confidence, and a renewed vigour in daily routines.

Clinical Pilates

Individuals grappling with chronic conditions, recovering from injuries, or simply aspiring for enhanced flexibility.

Our pilates sessions are sculpted around your specific needs and goals. With a keen focus on individual attention, we maintain small groups. Please note, we ensure individual focus by accommodating only 4 participants per class.

Gradually witness diminished discomfort, augmented mobility, and improved sense of strength.

Guided Strength Session

For those with an aspiration to build muscle strength and could use a guiding hand.

We offer a conducive space for you to engage with a bespoke strength regimen. While you drive your strength journey, our experts keep a close watch, ensuring safety and progress.

Discover a renewed motivation, witness tangible strength gains, and consistently edge closer to your holistic health aspirations within a professionally supervised setting.

LSVT Intensive Program

Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease seeking focused intervention.

Offer an immersive 5-week therapy tailored specifically for Parkinson’s Disease management. This intensive program provides specialised techniques and exercises.

Harness a deeper understanding of your condition and witness substantial improvements in motion, stability, and daily functioning, all within a concentrated timeframe.

GLA:D Program

GLAD Australia is a program for all individuals experiencing any hip and/or knee pain or symptoms of osteoarthritis regardless or severity. 

A dedicated 8-week program combining intensive exercise routines with informative education sessions. Together, they address the unique challenges of arthritis in the hip or knee.

Attain greater joint mobility, experience reduced pain, and empower yourself with knowledge to better manage and understand your arthritis.

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