SAVVY Live Well Team Challenge Results

This year’s LIVE WELL TEAM CHALLENGE was a huge success. There were 7 teams and a total of 69 participants. Together they improved their body composition, fitness and strength.

Collectively they:

  • Burned through 135.4 kilograms of fat mass 
  • Gained 18.9 kilos of lean muscle mass
  • Improved aerobic fitness by an average of 15%
  • An average increase of 9 full push-ups per participant


This year’s challenge included a team PT session, a weekly wellness class and an online workshop. It was about combining guidance, education, support and accountability to improve health and fitness.

The participants had to nominate the areas that they wanted to focus on and then programmed accordingly.

The winning team

It was TEAM ANGELA that scored the highest ranking in relation to achieving their intended goals. This group was focused on a range of goals from improving body composition to aerobic fitness and strength.

Congratulations TEAM ANGELA! 

  • Alisa Sturlurson
  • Anna Wheaton
  • Brendon Santalab
  • Charlie Zeidler
  • De Whitham
  • Jacqui Tucker
  • Jade O’Byrne 
  • Julia Choice
  • Kim Stevenson
  • Olivia Jakimoski
  • Raegan Page

Top Performing Teams in relation to achieving intended goals and point allocation.

  1. Team Angela 
  2. Team James 
  3. Team Andrea

Congratulations to the following Top Scorers:

Highest Overall Individual Ranking in relation to their goals:

  1. Emma Sykes  – Team Brendon
  2. Anna Wheaton  – Team Angela 
  3. Olivia Jakimoski  – Team Angela 
  4. Amy Callaghan – Team James 
  5. Angela Saville  – Team Andrea

Highest individual improvement in performance combined: 

  1. Anna Wheaton – Team Angela 
  2. Ian Moate – Team Brendon
  3. Alisa Sturluson – Team Angela

Highest individual improvement in body composition combined: 

  1. Emma Sykes – Team Brendon
  2. Brendon Santalab – Team Angela 
  3. Amy Callaghan – Team James

Highest individual improvement in aerobic fitness:

  1. Jess Milne – Team Katie
  2. Colleen O’Connell – Team Katie
  3. Sarah Conte – Team Andrea

Highest Improvement in Strength: 

  1. Anna Wheaton – Team Angela 
  2. Neil Thomson – Team Brendon
  3. Casey Joshua – Team Andrea

Greatest Muscle Gain: 

  1. Iman DeSantis – Team Nikki 
  2. Emma Sykes – Team Brendon
  3. Eden Smith – Team Katie

Greatest Fat Loss: 

  1. Emma Sykes – Team Brendon
  2. Michael Santalab – Team Provum
  3. Anna Wheaton – Team Angela

Highest commitment level:

  • Alison Duffty – Team Nikki
  • Dalvinder Dhami  – Team Nikki
  • Sean McCluskey  – Team Andrea
  • Sue McAnulty  – Team Nikki

These 4 participants evenly attended the most amount of sessions during the program including their PT session as well as the weekly wellness class.


Congratulations to all participants and coaches. This journey wouldn’t have been possible without your dedication and hard work. It was 8 weeks of fun, fitness and education!  

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