Maguire & McInerney Survivor Season 26 Wrap Up

You’ve raised 52,040.70!

What a week and what an incredible outcome! Thank you for your participation and contribution!

These funds will go directly to Illawarra North Parkinson’s NSW Support Group and University of Wollongong “Parkinson’s Molecular Insights of Parkinson’s Disease” research project. At SAVVY we witness the impact this disease makes on the lives of our clients and  can empathise with what it feels like to receive a diagnosis of such kind.

Professor Lezanne Ooi and the team from Neurodevelopment and Neurodegeneration Lab at University of Wollongong are investigating molecular changes in cells from Parkinson’s patients. They will use these funds to search for biomarkers that could be used for earlier diagnosis and pathways that could be targeted for new treatments. 

We also know that Maguire & McInerney SAVVY Survivor Season 26 has brought awareness to the local community of the issues facing people living with Parkinson’s disease. Sue Sarlos, the Support Group Leader, Illawarra North Parkinson’s NSW Support Group says, “The funds raised will assist in implementing local therapy programs, including exercise, for people living with Parkinson’s in the Illawarra region, ensuring the best possible health outcomes.”

Fiona Jessiman, Fundraising Manager, Parkinson’s NSW says “We are blown away by the sheer success of the Survivor 26 Challenge. The funds raised are going to be well utilised for people living with Parkinson’s in the Illawarra through the provision of local therapy programs to help manage the physical and emotional symptoms of Parkinson’s. Congratulations to everyone involved and thank you so very much for your amazing support.”

We sincerely thank our dedicated sponsors, teams, and participants, your efforts have put a spotlight on the challenges faced by those living with Parkinson’s disease. 

Maguire & McInerney SAVVY Survivor Season 26 is not just an event; it’s a movement, a force for positive change in our community.

Survivor Awards

Winning team

MMJ North Orange

This team had the insight to focus on the fundraising early and lead this area for most of the week whilst quietly building their Sponsor Spend points in the background. They were a force to be reckoned with on the field, tackling the physical challenges with fierce competitiveness. Quietly labelled as the underdogs, this team took every opportunity to score Bonus Points, most notably when they discovered the elusive Survivor idol during Peak for Parkinsons. This huge win may have even convinced long-time MMJ North Gold sponsor and Survivor Phillip Roger Murray that Orange is the new red!

Ultimate Survivor

Sam Vescio from MMJ North Orange

Sam’s efforts, commitment and true grit saw him win the ULTIMATE SURVIVOR title. Sam was involved in all aspects of the competition and had a huge impact on his team. Sam pushed the limits physically, led by example emotionally and remained humble through all of his feats. Sam will continue to be a force to be reckoned with for MMJ North Orange. Sam receives a tandem skydive experience from Skydive the Beach as well as a $250 dental and optical voucher from our friends at Peoplecare.

Most Charitable Team

Diggies Purple

Purple played the long game when it came to fundraising. They were able to build a strong base early on with a clever approach to the market stalls and collected a very impressive line-up of prizes for their raffle. They were all about the merch, which not only raised a nice charitable profit but fostered a sense of true belonging and representation within the team. Swinging in a couple of impressive auction items boosted their funds late in the game and then they literally ran away with it, raising a record breaking total of $20,681.23! Huge effort!

Biggest Sponsor Spends

MMJ North Orange

Supporting their sponsors was part of the Survivor brief and MMJ North Orange were not afraid to spend some cash. These guys know that every dollar counts and to save all of their Christmas shopping for Survivor week. Survivor is a unique event where we are able to heavily shine the light on every sponsor all week, ensuring we support those who support us.

Highest Recruiter

Katie Walsh

Katie recognises that the competition starts at recruitment. Katie recruited 22 Survivors this season, demonstrating great advocacy for the cause and the event. Katie’s energy and enthusiasm to make a positive difference in people’s lives is inspiring. Katie was awarded a cash prize donated by Sold By Auction.

Highest Fundraiser

Bec Croak

As a Gold sponsor for The Facialist Pink Team, Bec led by example, throwing a tremendous amount of energy into every aspect of Survivor. Bec created fun and innovative ways with her Team members to raise funds, leading Pink’s fundraising from start to finish. Her efforts left her with an impressive $2,717.89 to her name. Bec was awarded an accommodation package from the Novotel.

Captain of Captains

Nikki McCarthy Hicks, MMJ North Orange

Nikki had her work cut out for her from the beginning. Starting as the smallest team she had a challenging recruitment period, but this didn’t stop her as she managed to recruit 18 new members to her team. Nikki led her team to multiple victories throughout the week, proving that size doesn’t matter. Whilst Orange may have been the smallest, it was one of the strongest. Nikki fostered strong teamwork, camaraderie and helped set the standard high in team fundraising early on. Her orange wedges were also a welcome source of nourishment at every session. Along with her fellow Captains, she led the team to a victorious finish. Nikki was awarded a Massage voucher from Stacey Edwards Massage and a $50 voucher from The Source Wollongong.

Rookie Captain of the Season

James Tunbridge, Diggies Purple

The rookie award goes to a first-time Survivor Captain. James quickly grasped the Survivor concept and set to work on his team’s cohesion and commitment. Even in the heat of competition James remained cool, calm and collected. James’ positive attitude shone through at every stage of the game and he wasn’t afraid to have some fun! James was awarded a Massage voucher from Stacey Edwards Massage and a $50 voucher from The Source Wollongong.

Team Member Awards

These awards are for team members that stood out amongst the crowd for their effort and attitude in all areas such as performance, fundraising, support and teamwork. They were each awarded a $150 voucher from Reform Nutrition, plus a LokaMo pack. 

Rachelle Balez 
MMJ North Orange

Bec Croak
The Facialist Pink

Adam Page
Diggies Purple

100% Attendance

The following Survivors participated in every session this season. They didn’t just show up, they lived and breathed the competition in movement, fundraising and Sponsor Spends. Huge effort from this crew. They were each awarded a $50 Chimichangas voucher or a $50 Harley and Johns Voucher.



  • David Archer
  • Jansje Harmers
  • Julian Hall
  • Lisa Kelly
  • Deanna Maunsell
  • Glen Maunsell
  • Daniel Mann
  • Connor McCann
  • Phillip Murray
  • Steven Naylor
  • Renea Jones
  • Jack Maunsell
  • Sam Vescio

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