LIVE WELL Team Challenge 2023


It can be difficult to make changes to your health and fitness on your own. Having a dedicated personal trainer and team around you will significantly help you to achieve your goals.

This October, let our team, be your team and help you succeed with the LIVE WELL Team Challenge!

Launching: Monday 9 October, 2023


The LIVE WELL Team Challenge is an eight week program designed to give you the opportunity to improve all aspects of health. You’ll have your very own personal trainer and team to work with to achieve your goals. We focus on purposeful training, nutrition, education and helping you establish healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

We choose a team structure for this challenge where it is team vs team and trainer vs trainer to create a substantial level of fun but also accountability which will be a key component of success. Points are allocated on the basis of achieving the goals you set out to achieve. Along with your weekly personal training session we will engage you in a weekly wellness session led by industry experts. These classes will give you the opportunity to explore different facets of wellness that you may start to incorporate into your life.

In this challenge:

  • Move Well,
  • Eat Well,
  • Think Well, and…
  • Feel Well


This comprehensive, results driven challenge has four major components and is designed to help achieve the following outcomes:

1. Move Well

Let’s get you moving frequently, consistently and effectively. Your sessions are programmed by your Personal Trainer and follow a tried and tested method to achieve your goals. Goals may include:

  • Performance goals such as improve overall fitness, improve your ability to run, improve your strength and/or flexibility.
  • Reduce body fat
  • Build and increase lean muscle mass
  • Weight loss and toning

2. Eat Well

Access the knowledge and skills you need to make significant, positive and long lasting changes to your nutrition. Receive expert advice from our partnered nutritionist.

  • Address and manage poor eating habits (binge eating, over eating amongst the few)
  • Learn to eat for health, nourishment and enjoyment
  • Learn strategies for meal planning, food shopping and cooking
  • Receive a variety of meal ideas
  • Establish healthy eating routines and practices

3. Think Well

We help you work on creating a positive mindset that sees you achieving your goals. We address the numerous factors that contribute to mental health:

  • Set and achieve realistic goals
  • Improve energy and motivation
  • Recognise and eliminate excuses
  • Establish a great support network

4. Feel Well

We look at the following important aspects of your life that will directly contribute to whether you feel well or you don’t.
  • Improving individual lifestyle habits that directly relate to your wellness
  • Improving sleep habits and quality of sleep
  • Improving daily hydration
  • Reducing stress
  • Exploring ways to find purpose and meaning


For best results you need a solid base of support. This program allows you to get that support from your own Personal Trainer, your Dietitianyour Training Buddies and your Team. You can choose your training day and time below.
(Please note there are limited spaces in each team and they may fill quickly so don’t delay in securing your place)

The program costs $300 (just $35 a week) and includes:

  • 8 Weekly 60 minute team personal training sessions
  • 8 Wellness sessions led by industry experts
  • 8 Online wellness education sessions
  • 2 Body composition analysis scans
  • 1 face-to-face introductory workshop
  • Comprehensive hard copy challenge journal and nutrition tracker
  • Closed Facebook group and additional team communication platform
  • Introduction to and access to our experts in nutrition, allied health, psychology and physical performance.



  • Accountability package – Weekly nutrition session with Nicola Jaffrey
  • Set For Success – 2 x 60 minute sessions with Nicola Jaffrey
  • One on one psychology sessions with Step Ahead Psychology



  • CHALLENGE LAUNCH & BODY SCAN #1: Saturday 7 October, 9am
  • OFFICIAL STARTMonday 9 October 
  • CHALLENGE END DATE & BODY SCAN #2: Saturday 2 December
  • REGISTRATIONS CLOSE: Friday 29 September

Assessment Opportunities

There will be 3 forms of assessment throughout the program to track your results:
1. Body Composition Analysis

This is an optional but HIGHLY recommended! You get 2 scans included, a pre and post challenge scan. The scan gives you great detail into the physiological outcomes you achieve on the challenge. It is the best way to see the difference you have made with body composition.

2. Fitness Assessment
We do base measures of your current strength, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility. We then use this information to design a program specifically to improve these areas.

3. Weekly Team Challenge 
Each week we will incorporate a team challenge into your training which will contribute to your personal results but also your team’s results.


Joining the LIVE WELL Team Challenge is as simple as choosing your team from the selections below. Some trainers will have a specific focus that may resonate with your goals and some will provide a program to account for varying goals. Grab your best training buddies and secure your spot in your chosen team today.

If you can’t see a session that works for you you can state your preferences and requests here; fill out this form and we will be in touch.

If you need more information, don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 942 895.

Registrations close Friday 29 September.

Join your team!

Team Nikki


Nikki’s program will be focusing on the specific needs of women aged 40-60. Resistance training and more moderate intensity training will be utilised to improve body composition and aid weight loss.

Team Katie


Katie’s program will have a comprehensive approach and be able to cater for varying goals. Katie’s weekly session will also cater specifically for parents that are caring for young children and will be assisted with the presence of a children’s champion.

Team Andrea


Andrea’s program will have a specific focus on improving strength and body composition. Held at SAVVY WellCo, team members will have access to all of the necessary equipment to create great results.

Team James


James’ program has a specific focus on running, running form, run strength and performance. This caters for the runner-to-be, the beginner runner and the experienced runner and includes all of the ingredients to run well and live well.

Team Brendon


Brendon’s program will have a comprehensive approach and be able to cater for varying goals. A combination of resistance work and cardiovascular activities will achieve significant outcomes in fitness and altering body composition.

Alternative option


Did you know you can do this program in a partner or one on one PT format? Or perhaps you would like to generate your own group? If this sounds good to you, simply email us direct to make the arrangements (Click the button below)

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