Maguire & McInerney SAVVY Survivor Season 26 Timetable Announced 

Maguire & McInerney SAVVY Survivor Season 26 is a 7-day fitness festival all about raising money for Parkinson’s Disease research. This year we have teamed up with Illawarra North Parkinson’s NSW Support Group and University of Wollongong “Parkinson’s Molecular Insights of Parkinson’s Disease” research project to bring awareness to the local community of the issues facing people living with Parkinson’s disease.

Survivor is SAVVY’s biggest and most anticipated event of the year and is set to raise thousands of dollars for its selected charity. This year it takes place on the 10 – 16 December. 

Each day across the event, there will be a range of sessions available for participants to attend. Sessions are a mix of SAVVY’s most popular classes, with a fun and exciting twist. The goal is to come to as many sessions as possible (whether it’s one session a day, or two or three) to raise valuable points for your team.

The official Survivor timetable has now been announced and includes an action-packed array of classes and fundraising opportunities. Download the timetable below, and scroll down for class descriptions and a list of our sponsors.

Survivor timetables

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It’s not too late to register! You have until Wednesday 6 December to join Survivor and start raising funds. Click here to register today: Register for Survivor

Class descriptions

Improve running ability and endurance. Each class, the run route is mapped for varying distances to ensure each runner’s training goals are met and runners are guided on pace and form.

Stretch improves joint range of movement and muscle flexibility through a structured series of dynamic and static stretching, useful in aiding performance in all other SAVVY classes.

Strengthen and condition your entire body through high repetitions performed under load. This program focuses on improving endurance resulting in stronger, more defined muscles.

The only Cycle lab in the Illawarra, this class uses the best performance technology in indoor cycling to help you reach your peak fitness and performance and realise your potential.

*20 spaces available per class.

A high intensity class that combines strength and functional training with a cardio component. This program utilises bodyweight exercises, plyometric movements and a range of resistance based tools.

A low impact class using the reformer pilates machines. Improve range of motion and build muscular strength with a focus on core strength, postural alignment and muscle balance.

*10 spaces available per class.

Run repeats with recovery, often called interval training. This program is one of the fastest, most effective ways to improve cardiovascular fitness and running speed.

A special class only for Survivor. Swimming will be involved for those who choose but there will be other non-swimming activities available during this class.

Get ready to lift the intensity to an all time high and discover even more variety as we explore a range of training methods and fitness equipment.

Put your team work to the test with this fun relay. You will need to identify the various skills in your team and work together to get to the finish line.

This challenge is all about getting as many of your teammates to take part in a mountain hike in the Illawarra. Each team will be given a popular Illawarra lookout to get to, and you will have from 7:15 am until 6:00 pm to get to the summit.

Come to Diggies at Northbeach for their Friday Taco Night. $2 from every taco will be donated to Parkinson’s research.

A Survivor first – an epic dodgeball team tournament to end an action-packed week of fitness festivities. Come along to The Hub at the University of Wollongong (UOW), then head over to the Pepe’s on the Beach for the final Awards Presentation and breakfast at 9:30.

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Angella Saville

Angella Saville

Angella is the Health and Wellness Director at SAVVY. She has worked within the education and fitness industry for over 20 years. Angela is responsible for improving the health and wellness of staff, clients and the wider community through strategic leadership and the implementation of innovative programs that make a positive difference in people’s lives.

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