SAVVY partners with TS11 FOOTBALL to train future football stars

In the world of elite sports, success is not just about raw talent; it’s about focused training, development, and commitment. TS11 FOOTBALL, an elite football academy in the Illawarra, understands this principle and has partnered with SAVVY to create a holistic program that goes beyond the standard football curriculum. This dynamic collaboration focused on player development emphasises not only the importance of football skills but also athlete well-being. 

TS11 FOOTBALL is built upon the principle that football player development is an ever evolving process. The academy’s main objective is the development of both a player’s football ability and personality. TS11 recognises that this is a complex process that requires age-based technique, tactical, physical and psychological training. Therefore, they have established that for players to maximise their learning, they must develop in an environment that has well organised, systemised and adequate training programs.

It is where SAVVY comes into play.

Angela Saville, SAVVY’s Health and Wellness Director, coordinated an eight week youth athlete strength and conditioning program to both educate and train TS11’s players. She states: 

“The coaches at TS11 understand that the player requires a holistic schedule that doesn’t only involve football training but the important components of strength and conditioning to prevent injury and build strong resilient athletes. Our strength and conditioning program introduces young athletes to this concept and teaches them about the extras that are involved to continue to progress and thrive in their sport.”

Michael Santalab, Technical Director and Head Coach at TS11 FOOTBALL, states that this approach to training is what will see players thrive and improve their performance in the long term: 

“SAVVY plays an important role in the TS11 Football Elite player development process, educating children on the importance and benefits of stretching and recovery. The long term benefits of this are improving physical performance and lowering risk of injury”

Introducing children at a young age to this holistic training method will also keep them motivated and energised. Andrew, a parent of two young athletes taking part in the program, attests to this, saying:

“SAVVY and TS11 FOOTBALL have been wonderful for my two daughters. Every week they are coached by a high-level and motivated team and train with children who want to be there. The combination of SAVVY and TS11 FOOTBALL has really unearthed the love of football in my girls.”

This dynamic partnership aims to mould well-rounded, resilient, and passionate players who are well equipped to excel in the world of elite sports. 

Find out more about TS11 Football here.

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